Room with a view

Room with a view

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 3 Sunday...the day of rest

Day 3 Sunday... a day of rest!

In the afternoon, we headed out for lunch. Burgers, lamb burgers, and fabulous french fries. Then we set off through town down by the lake to the local conservation station. There were stops along the way for photos of ducks and the lake. We saw a short film about the history of the area. Then off on a trail to a bird sanctuary and some nice photos of the dark trail and lake with the misty mountains in the background. It reminds me a bit of MacDonald Lake in Glacier National Park.

Then we walked back to town and went to Fiordland Cinema. It was really cool. More like a bar and fireplace with yummy coffee drinks that you could take in the theatre. The man that built it, also made a fabulous documentary of the area...which I bought and will make all my friends and family watch to see what I am seeing. So get ready.

We had a nice dinner and then home for pow wow and upload photos of the day. We talked about being homesick and most of the kids said they were not. Only the seniors seemed a bit misty eyed. I think it has sunk in that when they return, they only have a few weeks to spend with family. It was very touching to see how close these kids are to their families.

Day 4 Monday- Sheeeeeeeeeep

Up early and on the bus to a sheep farm. Andy and his dad and three dogs welcomed us to their working farm. There we got to see the dogs work the herd and then how they were separated by age and then shaved. Some of the kids took part also and had fun. Some good photos were had in the shed.

Back on the bus and on to Queenstown where we will spend the night. We hope to shop a bit as this is the biggest town we will see along the trip. Our bus driver, Karl, who lives in Christchurch, got a message from home saying there were tremors there. I hope all is well there. The kids are excited to explore the town which is like a ski town...only there is no snow. The temp feels like the 50's. We are loving it , but hoping for snow to ski on soon.  

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