Room with a view

Room with a view

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 6 One week gone

We rose early and bundled up to go down by the lake to work on tripods to catch the early morning light coming up and shining on the mountains. The light was ok not fab. We had fun though in the end when we all set up our tripods and set our self timers and all ran down to the water to get a group photo. There was some success. We went to Puzzlingworld where they had many fun weird and wacky activities. There was a giant maze that took at least an hour to find your way, a fun house and all types of puzzles to sharpen your brain on. Then the kids went on a hike...played games and then home for lunch and laundry. Everyone was excited to wash as clothes are running out. We have lots of photos to edit and will have another critigue tonight. We plan on "painting with light" after the sun goes down which all are looking forward to. We move tomorrow up to Franz Joseph Glacier. It's about a four hour drive north from here. We meet Ulla Lohman, our National Geographic photographer, there. She will be driving from Dunedin on the east coast. Her flight was canceled into Christchurch due to the earthquake and also the ash from chile.  Glacier hike on Friday. Lots to look forward to!

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