Room with a view

Room with a view

Sunday, June 19, 2011

On the road again

We woke to a beautiful day and off to Hokitika we went. We met Ulla and went to Dulce's Takeaway...that's a take out fast food restaurant for burgers or fish and chips. It's down by the river where the sea meets the river. Then we headed up to Hokitika gorge and had a walk and shot photos and crossed a swing bridge over the river. When we got back, we walked down to the sea which had huge waves and I can hear them break even now in my room. The sand is black and I don't remember seeing that before. It's stunning. We ate dinner at a nice restaurant and I had not one but two braised lamb shanks on a bed of sweet potatoes. Yum. I think this was my favorite meal on the trip. Adele, the owner of the Holiday Park where we are staying, had invited several of her photo friends over and opened her house to all of us. We heard Ulla talk about how she got started and her passion for photography. We saw her work and how hard it is to an adventure photographer for National Geographic. I'm in awe. She is a ball of fire. We're lucky to have her with us and we hope to learn much from her and her work.

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