Room with a view

Room with a view

Monday, June 20, 2011

Just when you think you seen it all...

What an amazing day and night. We were out on the road early and drove up the coast toward what is called Pancake Rocks. Our family driver, Karl, somehow was distracted and we ran out of gas. But fortunately we were only 1000 meters from the entrance so we set out on another expedition along the road side. When we arrived, we were spellbound by the blowhole, the waves and the panoramic. We spent a long time there exploring and photographing. Ulla was teaching the kids some new techniques and tricks. They are really beginning to get the hang of it and taking shots I'm envious of. I hope some of my photos tell you how magnificent and powerful the sea felt today.

Once finished, we ate at the local Pancake Rocks Cafe and some had what else....pancakes. Then we drove further north to the Truman Track and had to hike down through a rainforest to get to and yet another beautiful rocky beach where we sat at tried to take it all in. You felt the rage and the power of the sea as we got down really close to the waves. The sound was deafening. The sun was making it's way down and we enjoyed the light not only on the beach, but also in the rainforest as it would light new things to see.

Once home, we ate pizza and went to see the glow worms up on the hill and tried to photograph them which was not easy and I didn't get a great shot of them. But on the way, I found something I'd been searching for. The symbol of New Zealand that you see a lot in jewelry, on t-shirts, pottery...everywhere, is the fern just unfolding. It's sort of a circular rotation. there are ferns everywhere and I mean everywhere. I've never seen a country so lush. Enjoy.

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