Room with a view

Room with a view

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Will we ever get out of Christchurch?

The answer to that question is not til Sunday. Quantas was not helpful and we spent 6 hours in the airport while Peter and Gemina tried to work it all out. The last word is we have a direct flight to Fiji, but it's not til Sunday at 1pm which means we won't see Fiji but 2 days. Everyone is trying to stay positive. But they kids were all looking forward to the warmth of the beach and the scuba diving. Thankfully it's direct and we won't have to lay over in Auckland. Dave has found us a nicer hotel than what we're used to so that is some consolation. We hope to go to a pub and watch the rugby match between Australia and ? tonight. Tomorrow night, The New Zealand team, the All Blacks, play so that will be fun. They love rugby like we love football. NZ is quite good and has a chance to win.

The weather is nice here in Christchurch too. I heard of another earthquake in Alaska today. When it all stop?

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